Band review – The Dropkick Murphys

If you’ve been listening to these guys since their start in 1996, you’re a smarter person than I am. I became familiar with the band less than two months ago when Shauna and I went to see The Departed. After the movie, the first thing that came out of both of our mouths, rather than critiquing the movie (it was great, by the way), was “Did you hear that song at the beginning of the movie?!”

Since then I’ve picked up all five of their studio albums and a collection of their singles, rarities, and live recordings. That’s right, in less than two month’s time.

These guys are great. They are a punk rock-style Irish band. Along with their own songs, they also sing traditional Celtic songs with a hard edge. Bagpipes, driving guitars, and tin whistles with heavy vocals. You couldn’t ask for more.

Their latest CD, “The Warrior’s Code” is probably their best work, but each of their discs sounds as good as their last. Check them out, they’re worth it.

CD review: Bon Jovi – New Jersey

I was visiting my favorite used CD store in town the other day, looking for old and new “gems” to add to my collection. Cheapo has the largest selection, and everything is broken into categories, so you know right where to look.

As I’m on my hunt, I stumble across this CD by the artist Bon Jovi. The hipster store clerk lisped to me with his pierced tongue that they are a relatively obscure band. Great, a diamond in the rough.