This morning Jason and I got up to work out to our new Billy Blanks “Get Celebrity Fit!” Tae Bo DVD. (Billy, exuberantly:Are you a rock star? Me: No. Billy: Are you a celebrity?!? Me: NO. I’m going back to bed.)

Right away, Billy punished us (OK, me) for laughing at his tie-dyed shorts because unlike every other exercise video I’ve done, there was no warmup, like, AT ALL. Jason and I exchanged startled glances as we kicked and punched and flailed, and after one particularly wheezy interlude (again ME), Jason checked the timer to see how much time was left. My heart shriveled a little when I saw the display: 35 MINUTES.

Just like before, I had to sit down for a bit because my body malfunctioned while attempting its “breaking a sweat” function, which meant my face got so overheated I feared my punching and feinting was going to be replaced by puking and fainting. But then I finally broke a sweat and thought, “Hey, this is EASY!” Ridiculous.

Billy got bonus points for first demonstrating the moves in slow motion, so even non-coordinated people such as myself understood them, and for being totally honest when he said, “Just one more set.” That’s very important to me – seriously. DO NOT LIE TO ME about reps or how many more seconds of agony I need to endure.

I know there’s some quote out there about how no one ever works out and thinks afterwards, “I really regret working out,” but conversely, I never wake up early to work out and think, “Boy, I got too much sleep; I should’ve woken up earlier.”

Regardless, OPERATION: 2008 FITNESS continues unabated.