Chicken little

Last night I made dinner. Now, I am not exactly what one would call a gourmet in the kitchen, and in fact, Jason and I routinely have items in our pantry that can simply be described as “meat-in-a-box” or “meat-in-a-can.”

So yesterday, channeling Betty Crocker, I decided I wanted to exercise my cooking muscles and add to my recipe book, which woefully consists of about 10 recipes, one of which is some pudding concoction that I attempted once that tasted like burnt rubber if burnt rubber tastes like death, and yet I cannot bring myself to remove said recipe, because that would only leave 9 recipes in the book, and well, that is just SAD.

So yesterday I made bacon-wrapped chicken, which is not exactly the most healthful dinner around, but I like bacon and all forms of chicken and I live with a man who physically cannot eat any vegetable except for potatoes without gagging. (You don’t even want to know what happens if we get a pizza and the tomato sauce is too chunky.)

Anyway, this chicken dish was awesome. I threw on spices and herbs and tenderly wrapped the bacon around the chicken, and it was so moist and tender and delicious, from the noises you would’ve thought we were making a porn movie in our basement instead of eating dinner. Plus, I served it with Rice-a-Roni, which is not homemade, but is like my own personal motto. Rice-a-Roni = Me. I even made some last weekend on our portable camping grill – that’s how addicted I am to it. Ahem.

Now I’m flush with excitement from my cooking success and I want to make some more “from-scratch” recipes. Here’s where I need a favor. Do you guys have any cool recipes you’d be willing to share with me? I’m open to anything, as long as there’s no veggies in it unless it’s potatoes (or, if the veggie can easily be picked off or put on the side, because I – love veggies. Except for broccoli, which can suck it. And cauliflower. And beets. Boo, beets!).