And *I’m* the bad guy

Saturday, 3:20 a.m. There’s rain and rolling thunder and lightning. And I’m sleeping through it. Until…

Jason: Are your windows up?

Me: What?

Jason: Are your windows up?

Me: What windows?

Jason: Your car windows.

Me: My car is in the garage. (Editor’s note: I NEVER leave my car windows down. Ever. EVER.)

Jason: But are your windows up?

Me, fully awake now: My car. Is in. The garage.

Jason: Are the windows up?

Me: You’re an idiot.

Jason: Did you just call me an idiot?


Jason, after a long, snore-filled pause: I’m just looking out for you.

5 thoughts on “And *I’m* the bad guy

  1. My husband called me a wookiie once in his sleep. He isn’t even a Star Wars fan!

  2. i love love love jason sleep-talking stories! chris never says anything good (although he did inadvertently sleep-punch me the other day. less cute.)