So, Jason won our 2012 cribbage tournament. Big deal, good for him, this year’s MY year, blah, blah, blah, right?

No. I was ahead in our 2012 tournament for 354 days. Seriously. We played our first game shortly after midnight on New Year’s Day, and I won. And then I kept winning, so that – for the entire year – I was ahead of Jason.

And then December 20th happened. He tied me. I thought, “No biggie; there’s plenty of time left.”

And then he kept winning and winning and building more of a lead, and then my thinking went to, “Well, if we play 25 more games and I win 17 of them, it’ll be fine.”

And then he kept winning some more, and I kept becoming more and more angry because seriously! I was ahead ALL YEAR.

During one game, I was getting the most wonderful cards. When I finally paid attention to Jason’s pegs, he was beating me. And I got all incredulous (and whiny) and questioned his obvious cheating strategy, and Jason said, “Why are you so mad?” And I replied, “Because if I was getting crap hands, it would make sense that you’re beating me. But I’m getting awesome hands, and you’re still winning! That’s not fair.” Then I think he called me a sore loser, but I can’t remember because I was too busy pouting.

Finally, with only a few days left in the year, we set down some ground rules because the score was so close. That way, the person who was behind couldn’t keep asking to play more games in the hope of regaining the lead.¬†We decided to play just 10 more games. The only way we’d play more was if the season ended in a tie.

And, well, obviously it didn’t.


P.S. Notice how in the last 3-4 years, the font size on the engravings keeps growing larger and larger? Yeah, don’t use Crown Awards if you don’t care for that. (When I first ordered the plaque, I ordered six years of info at once, which is why those are consistent.) But apparently, they don’t keep record of the font size they use on the engravings, so for the past two years, I have had to have them redo it three times. (This year, I even sent them a photo of the size I wanted and specified the correct font size (14.5 serif), and it was still too big.) Not cool when you want to have multiple engravings look the same from year to year.

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  1. Did you just become my favorite couple on the internet? Oh, yes you did. My family has an annual thanksgiving poker tournament with a plaque AND trophies :)