Packaging for Dummies

Yesterday my boss got a package. He wasn’t here, so a co-worker signed for it. It looked like this:

My co-worker couldn’t believe how light it was: “It feels like nothing is in here!”

Turns out she was mostly right.

This morning, my boss opened the box:

To reveal the world’s longest unbroken length of kraft paper:

There was so much, that when we straightened it out later, it was the length of at least four cubicles.

In my head, I pictured the packaging guy grabbing this:

And then hearing a really great song come on the radio, compelling him to temporarily lose his faculties and dance wildly around the warehouse while twirling the paper.

Anyway, my boss finally got rid of the paper to reveal:

A padded envelope.

And in that small padded envelope was:

A computer mouse.

So, to sum up, here are the correct steps for packaging a computer mouse:

  1. Place mouse in small padded envelope.
  2. Place small padded envelope in gigantic cardboard box.
  3. Stuff the crap out of the box with 47 feet of kraft paper.
  4. Send package to arrive a month and a half after order is placed.

2 thoughts on “Packaging for Dummies

  1. Wow. That goes sailing so far past ridiculous…This planet is so very screwed. Just think, this is the paper waste from ONE package. How many others are out there? We had more cardboard waste from this past Christmas than would fit in our recycle bin. We had to keep some of it back for the next collection. And we’re a fairly modest gift-buying household.