save me from myself

I’ve been riding some peaks and valleys of emotions lately. First, we went on a long-awaited vacation, which was wonderful. Then my grandpa died. That sucked. Then we found out some good friends are getting married in Turks & Caicos next spring, which will be awesome. Then we’ve been having stressful health issues with Abby, which has led to as-yet-unresolved litterbox issues, which means our new normal is having two litterboxes in our living room, which is not ideal when you’re having people over for a party in a few weeks and you never have people over because you’re secretly hermit crabs.

Earlier this week I was feeling pretty low, all PMS-y and tearful, and as I was driving to go play volleyball I actually said out loud, “I feel pretty low.” Then I smashed some spikes in some 20-year-old faces, ate some chicken wings afterwards, and felt marginally better. But still. It seems like this time of year is being extra douchey. All of this stress and navel-gazing has led me to start narrating my life in my head, like a horrible, depressed writer. This morning’s gem: “A large machine was droning in the background, like a motorboat on an empty lake.” I mean, honestly.

So, please, please tell me something odd/weird/funny that has happened to you recently. I obviously need a diversion from myself.

5 thoughts on “save me from myself

  1. Yesterday, I found myself driving like an asshole. I totally recognized I was doing it, but I COULDN’T STOP (and seriously, stop doing 40 mph in a 55 zone – rage!). I blame the lack of sunshine.

    You’re not alone, my friend.

  2. I continue to find pellets of dog food in my van, which means I have a mouse or a mole storing food for winter. It’s been 3 weeks now! We set a trap, but the critter isn’t hungry. He’s on a mission to store food, not eat food. I pray that he doesn’t go scurrying under my feet while I’m driving!

  3. Elizabeth has had a bad cough for over three weeks (me wondering what her teacher thinks about me sending her to school, her waking up in the night and waking us up too, etc.), and I have been struggling and struggling about when to take her to the pediatrician: she has NO FEVER! she feels FINE!

    Today I finally called, and it turns out she has walking pneumonia, which means this is FIXABLE. I have been feeling waves of happiness and relief.

    Furthermore, the pediatrician was very cute. First, he said to her, “Your ears are fine, your sinuses are fine, your throat is fine, you’re not having headaches or fever. So what is WRONG with you?”—in this wonder-filled voice. Second, after he listened to her lungs and gave me the diagnosis, he said, “I can fix her.”

  4. I’m so sorry about your grandpa. And Abby too. We went through a long spell with our Oswald of daily meds and fluids and general not fun but they are family too…and anyway, I know what you’re going through. Darn elderly cats.

    I hope you’re not still needing a pick me up…if so, I can look in to shipping some of those pickle and bacon candy canes.