Five years, four weeks

So it’s been a little, how you say, insane around here. Basically I would like to take my workload, douse it in gasoline, throw it off a cliff, and shoot it with a flaming arrow so its last descent can be filled with a fiery anger to match my rage. If one more client says to my team, “Well, ha ha, I need to spend this money before the end of the year so I’m going to need these 32 items by the end of this week,” I honestly might lose my mind. On the plus side, I get to work from home the rest of the week, so my productivity will increase tenfold (my only interruptions at home are from the pets; at work my interruptions are EVERYONE AND EVERYTHING).

Anyway, my 5-year wedding anniversary was October 6th, and here it is November already. We got married in an indoor park because we didn’t want to risk having a crappy weather day (it ended up being 80 degrees), and decided to start a tradition of revisiting that park every year to get our picture taken. It’s always fun to see the place since it’s in a town we never visit except for this reason, and every time there’s always another couple getting married that day. The staff at the park are usually pretty accommodating and let us sneak through the “Do not cross” tape to get to the waterfall and snap a few quick photos (whenever you rent the facility, it’s in a public space, but you get the waterfall area to yourselves). This year, however, the girl at the info desk was decidedly unhelpful, even after I romantically explained that we got married here five years ago and take an anniversary photo here every year. After my heartfelt spiel, she said, “Nope. The wedding couple rented it out. You can’t take a photo.” So then I spotted the father of the bride walking around and said, “What if I ask him if it’s OK?” and the girl snapped her gum at me and shrugged, saying, “Whatever.” So I politely asked the dad if it was OK and he smiled and said, “Sure, no problem!” And when I went back to inform the girl and ask her if she would mind taking our photo, she said, “I have too much to do,” and then went back to reading her People magazine.

Regardless, we found a lovely woman willing to take our photo, and now we have five years memorialized at our wedding spot. Here are the results:

Wedding day:

Regarding the blurriness: I don’t have the digital files of our wedding photos, a fact I regret to this day. Note to self: Call photographer and see how much it costs to get digital copies of our wedding photos.

1st anniversary:

Wow. This must’ve been when I was stuck in my goth hair phase. And when I thought the solution to having a too-short shirt was to put another shirt underneath in a shade that completely clashes. Also, I don’t know why Jason is making that face. Funnily enough, he’s making that face in every photo from that year.

2nd anniversary:

Ah, nighttime. Why we insisted on wearing Vikings shirts is beyond me. I really like this photo, though.

3rd anniversary:

This year had a tricky sun spot that we had to work hard to avoid. Plus, Jason is sporting cool facial hair while I am sporting some unfortunate, unruly bangs.

4th anniversary:

Ohmygod, why do we keep wearing sports clothing for our anniversary photos?!? Also, I hate my hair.

5th anniversary:

Love, love, love. We’re both dressed nicely, I finally have a decent hair color/cut, and we’re both smiling. Perfect.

Just like we are for each other. HA! Couldn’t resist.

Happy five years, Jason! I love you.

10 thoughts on “Five years, four weeks

  1. What a super idea! I make my husband go with me to get our picture taken every year, but we always do it at a different place each year since we no longer live near the Twin Cities (sob!). You guys are so cute!

  2. Too cute! What a sweet idea. That last photo is worth framing and displaying…it’s really good! Happy Anniversary!