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It seems weird to imagine Hurricane Sandy striking areas Jason and I were visiting just a few weeks ago. We had a wedding in Pennsylvania and decided to extend our vacation by a week to celebrate our 5-year wedding anniversary at a B&B.

Since it was cheaper, we flew into LaGuardia and drove to Pennsylvania. Thank God we sprung for the GPS because seriously: that thing saved our marriage. I am TERRIBLE at directions, just terrible, (our usual method of navigation is: “Go in the opposite direction of what Shauna suggests”) and since I refused to drive in New York City, Jason had the delightful task. We were armed with the GPS, directions from MapQuest that I had painstakingly printed out months before, and a set of directions from Hertz that the customer service woman had crossed out and replaced with her own vague scrawlings. Basically, we had three sets of directions — none of which matched.

But somehow we made it to Pennsylvania. Beautiful, peaceful Pennsylvania. The wedding was wonderful. The bride and groom got married outside and it was chilly and gray, but I kid you not, the second the bride walked down the aisle, the clouds parted and the sun came out. (The bride even had gray pashminas for all of the women to wear – how thoughtful is that?)

About five other couples we knew flew out with us, so it was a blast hanging out with them for a whole weekend. Our accommodations were located in an old-timey village full of neat little restaurants and boutiques with unique names. (And that is why we have photographs of the “Cock & Bull Restaurant” and “Knobs & Knockers,” which in fact does sell decorative hardware and not whatever all the men in our party were hoping.)

After the wedding, we continued on to our B&B. I was a little nervous, since a few weeks before our trip, the B&B’s website came up with a “suspected phishing site” warning, but since we hadn’t pre-paid, I figured the worst that could happen was that we’d have to find a Super 8 or something. But it all worked out.

The place was basically a mansion with three separate rooms, and in our case, a completely separate house. It was glorious. Jason was worried that we’d be a little bored, what with the whole “being in the middle of nowhere and also Shauna, there is no Internet connection!!!” but it was fine. It poured one day and I think that was my favorite day, just chilling with Jason inside playing cards and catching up on Breaking Bad.

Since we did have the GPS, we basically just drove around finding things to do. Driving was weird — did you know that most of the roads don’t have ditches or shoulders? I can’t even tell you how many times we’d drive by a house and someone would be sitting on their front porch — which was located about 6 inches FROM THE ROAD. Why? That is frightening to me.

We did a few touristy things, like visited a cave:

“Remember, stalactites touch the ceiling and stalagmites might reach the stalactites some day!”

Traveled to Jim Thorpe to visit the haunted jail (it was closed that day):


And visited the oldest brewery in America:

And then we drove back to LaGuardia, white-knuckled the whole way. (At one point we sat at a toll while 8 lanes of traffic all decided to go in conflicting directions. The air was full of honking horns and blaring sirens [there was an accident too, of course] while Jason slowly lost years off his life. )

But it was a lovely trip, and Pennsylvania was a lovely place.

Stay safe, East Coast!

3 thoughts on “Recent travels

  1. It looks beautiful there! I have no sense of direction either – it’s a major point of contention for us.

    Just go west!

    I don’t know which way that is!

    Toward the ocean!

    I can’t SEE the ocean!

  2. That’s how we navigate too: whatever makes sense to Krista, do the opposite of that. I have the WORST sense of direction. It’s like a disease. You’d be better off trusting my 10-year-old to read a map. Seriously.

    Anyway, looks like a fabulous trip! That B&B is gorgeous. I’ve never been to Pennsylvania, maybe now I’ll have to!

  3. Ahhh, when I saw “oldest brewery in America”, I immediately thought Yuengling, or as my Dad calls it YING! LING! When my Dad retired ten years ago, he decided to upgrade from the Milwaukee’s Best he’d been drinking for the past 40 years. He explained to me with delight that his neighbor introduced him to a “delicious new beer called YING! LING!” which he later learned came from “the oldest brewery in America!” Nothing but the best for my ol’ Dad!

    Funny thing is, I don’t even like Yuengling!