Autumn pros and cons


- Beautiful leaves
- Candy corn
- Snuggling in fleece blankets
- Knee-high boots
- It’s perfectly acceptable to eat chili for every meal
- Football!
- Hot baths
- The dog has boundless energy on his walks (compared to visibly drooping during humidity-saturated summers)
- Hot chocolate
- Mums!
- Bonfires


- 22 leaf bags on the curb
- Having to wear socks
- Needing to buy a brand-new furnace after ours got red-tagged
- Static cling
- It’s so dark out in the mornings!
- Winter is coming
- Having to run on the treadmill instead of outside
- Putting away all of the outdoor furniture makes our house look sad
- Drafty windows
- It’s so dark so early in the evenings!

What are your autumn pros and cons?

5 thoughts on “Autumn pros and cons

  1. Many of mine are the same as yours, but I have a weird pro: Callum doesn’t drink as much water when it’s not so hot. In the summer he was drinking literally 80 ounces per day, PLUS 3 cups of milk, and leaking through his diapers CONSTANTLY. Now he’s scaled back to normal levels and doesn’t go through five outfits a day. HUGE PRO.

    Sorry about your furnace! That sucks.

  2. Pros:
    My baseball team made it to the playoffs
    Don’t need to shave as often if at all
    The cat snuggles with me in bed

    Said baseball team blows their 2-0 series lead by loosing 3 HOME games! OMG, who does that? I must stop thinking about it and think about April 1, 2013…

  3. Cons:
    Camping season is over.

    Can catch up with things at home…now that camping season is over!
    Can enjoy the coziness of our fireplace.

  4. Love your masthead!

    Pumpkin muffins
    Crisp air
    Colors of leaves
    Crunchy leaves underfoot during walks
    Belle loses her fool mind, she is so happy for the cooler weather.
    Fire in the wood stove at night.
    Cuddles under blankets.

    Sweet Bejeezus, winter is coming
    The wind returns
    Fly fishing is generally over for the year. :-(
    Realization that we didn’t get all the house projects done in the summer. Again.
    The wind returns.