After months of shirking technology, I finally got a Kindle Touch. My main objection was not wanting to spend a million dollars on books since I read so much (and so fast). So I waited until I made sure my library loaned e-books, bought a wireless router so I could buy the cheaper, wireless-only Kindle and went for it (I also wanted the router so I wouldn’t have to be tethered joylessly to the computer desk downstairs whenever I worked from home). So far, things like “work” and “existing” are interfering with my Kindle enjoyment, but this weekend looks promising, so do any of you have some good, free Kindle book recommendations?

Thanks to the Kindle, I now have a grapefruit-sized bruise on my shin. It is HUGE. I was napping with Shorty when the mailman rang the doorbell to deliver my Kindle, and somehow in my mad dash to the door (while shouting, “MY KINDLE IS HERE! MY KINDLE IS HERE!” over and over in my head), I injured myself. My last volleyball game is tonight, and I can practically guarantee that I will manage to ram my shin into something pointy right at the spot where my kneepad ends.

Hey, have any of you seen “Doomsday Preppers”? I saw the preview last week, excitedly told Jason all about it (while he reacted like he normally does whenever I talk about survivalist topics – by ignoring me), and then forgot all about it. Last night, I got a text from Artemisia, who asked if I had seen the show. I completely forgot, and now I’m not even sure if we get the National Geographic channel. Oh well. I can always watch episodes online, right?

You know what’s weird? When people follow my boards on Pinterest that have to do with packing survival bags or survival tips or whatever. I’m just really interested in learning this stuff, but besides once remembering to stuff a few beef sticks and handwarmers into my car’s glove compartment, I am about the WORST person in the world you’d want to depend on in any type of survival situation. (Although I can tell you which wild mushrooms are safe to eat.)

In tenuously related news, next week I have my first Gun Club meeting. My workplace sponsors a bunch of clubs and after wandering through the parade of booths fruitlessly searching for volleyball, I saw a banner for “Shooting Club” and practically shoved people out of the way to sign up. (Alas, there was no Archery Club.) The best part is that I get a great discount at the shooting range, and after I attend one class, Jason can come to the rest. So we’ll learn how to shoot different types of guns and it’ll be awesome. Then when the world ends and we have to fight off others trying to steal our stash of Mountain Dew and Spam, we’ll be somewhat prepared.

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  1. I have ooooodles of Kindle books I can loan you. We can email or talk and figure it out.

    The Doomsday Preppers show is interesting. There is on family that will survive ANYTHING. On another show, there was a Southern couple who were preparing for total societal collapse because of “the new President.”

    So. Weird. And full of great ideas. This shit is fascinating. I, too, would have lots of advice and no materials during any kind of emergency.

    I was going to get myself a bow this year, but I pretty much wiped out my extra cash on Buster’s vet bills.

  2. my boyfriend is highly interested in surviving the zombie apocalypse (as in, we have Serious Discussions about the best strategy for getting out of town / where the best place to hole up locally is / tactics for killing zombies without access to guns) so i bought him The Zombie Combat Manual: A Guide to Fighting the Living Dead for christmas. he now regales me with new tidbits on zombie survivalism each night before bed.

  3. Okay…we need to get together because we just bought a Kindle touch and a fire last week. At the Amazon store there are thousands of free books to be had. Just type in free kindle books or something like that. Also I am considering getting a carry license, so I am all lookin’ at guns & stuff now. Really.

  4. How did I not know that you are into guns?! That’s awesome! Being married to a military guy, I’ve been into guns for a while now. Have a great time at your shooting club!

  5. Oooh, have fun with your new Kindle! I love mine! If you don’t already, add Pixel of Ink to your reader. She blogs each day about all the free and cheap books Amazon has currently and you can just click right over and scoop them up.

  6. Hey, I just recently joined a gun club, by default when my husband joined. I had an ok time, but it was so damn cold and windy I hardly even cared if my aim was good or not, I just wanted to empty the clip so I could go sit in the car until it was my turn again! Maybe next time I’ll have more fun.

  7. Ok, I cracked up that “existing” is keeping you from your Kindle enjoyment! Seriously, “existing” is keeping me from enjoying so many things – why is existing so much work? (And next time someone asks me what I’m so busy with all the time, I’m going to reply “existing.”)

    Honestly, being able to check out e-books from the library has changed my life. I read SO much more now – and for free! (My goal is to spend $0 on books this year.) Speaking of books, I tried to get Larry to do a guest post of best books after you wanted some suggestions from him, but he didn’t want to reveal the full extent of his inner dorkiness. Since you seem to like zombies, etc, I know he loved a book called “Raising Stony Mayhall.” I laughed my ass off when he told me this book was about a “baby zombie” and he actually confessed that he was having dreams about the book because he was so worried about Stony (the baby zombie). Also, when I just did a search to come up with the title of this book for you, I got some really weird hits to “baby zombie book” in google.

    As for Doomsday Preppers – I have unfortunately seen some of this show. I keep catching Larry watching it and he says “It wouldn’t take much for me to become one of these people.” That’s when I laugh at him and try to change the channel. Considering he can hardly take care of himself in non-Doomsday circumstances, I fail to see how he’s going to become an effective prepper. (For Y2K, his emergency rations included one can of spam and an electric lantern).

  8. For free Kindle books you can download from Amazon go here: I have so many free books on my Kindle now I’ll never have time for them all.
    We are preppers but mainly because we live along the Gulf Coast and have hurricanes. Lately we’ve stepped it up a notch to prep for a longer aftermath period. We don’t go to the extremes some of the “Doomsday Preppers” do, but we want to have more than just a couple cans of Spam & a jug of water on hand. I started a blog about it, and about the products we started using,storing & then got into selling.