Some little things


It’s so hard to get a photo of this plaque, what with its extra shiny, high-glare surface, but I would like it known that after FIVE YEARS, I finally ended Jason’s cribbage-winning streak. I would also like it known that I beat him by only 11 games, so toward the end of the year whenever he suggested we play, I’d run and hide and then claim it was too late in the evening. Try again tomorrow, sir!

(Also, when the plaque plate arrived, the font size was too large by about 3 points, so instead of matching the other plates, this plate said SHAUNA in gigantic letters. I didn’t see the problem with that, seeing as how I probably won’t win again for another 13 years, but Jason made me reorder.)


I made a scarf. With an intentional hole in it, so I can pull one end through for a snug fit. But I made two mistakes: I used scrap yarn in colors that don’t match anything I own, and our winter this year has been so mild, I’ve only needed to wear a scarf three times. Which is why I’m now knitting a purse.


I finally got around to taking a photo of my new Charming Charlie necklaces. The one on the right was the one I picked up three different times in the store. The one on the left I’ve only worn a few times because my winter wardrobe doesn’t have much aqua in it, but my summer wardrobe? I may as well sleep in this sucker then since I’ll be wearing it every day.


I was scouring Pinterest for cool necklace display ideas, and I really liked the idea of painted pegboard, but I wasn’t keen on putting a bunch of holes in my wall (and with that thought, I’ve turned into my father). I had been using a few of the 3M Command Strips, but with too many necklaces on too few hooks, they were a tangled mess. Once we realized the strips actually came off the wall without peeling the paint, I bought a bunch more and had Jason and his OCD eyeball them into a Jewelry Wall. Now my necklaces aren’t tangling anymore (it took me 3 evenings to untangle a particularly troublesome specimen) and I can sort them better by color and length (Jason is not the only person with OCD tendencies in this house). The only downside of this arrangement is that despite taking precautions to hang everything high enough to avoid cat shenanigans, Sunny gets angry at us for not getting up at 5:30 a.m. on the weekends, so she leaps off the bed to take an retaliatory, angry swipe at the wall. Every Saturday, after I’ve pushed her off the bed for the 907th time, I’m treated to a loud THWACK as she voices her displeasure. She is lucky that she is cuddly during the rest of the day because her behavior during the early-morning hours is truly awful.

9 thoughts on “Some little things

  1. 1) You guys have a plaque? That is AWESOME.

    2) I love that necklace on the right.

    3) The double sided tape on the command strips actually comes off? That is life altering knowledge. I may copy your necklace organizing idea. I have a jewelry display thingmabob on our wall, but it’s kind of hard to put my necklaces on and off.

    4) More pictures of adorable pets, please!!

  2. I just wondered aloud to A. two nights ago about whether or not you were able to hold your lead. Also, he (and I) loves that you have a plaque.

    You to are awesome.


    Also, love the Jewelry Wall.

  3. A – I love the plaque. I see no reason why you should have had to reorder your super large name tag haha.

    B – that scarf is great! I need to start knitting some more. I’ve been kind of stressed lately, I think maybe my lack of knitting is one of my reasons.

    C – I LOVE your necklace wall. It’s great!

  4. LOVE the plaque! 2011 was your year, baby!

    I finally got back into knitting this year and it’s barely been cold enough to wear a scarf for more than 3 days. Sigh. I do love knitting purses though. Do you felt them? That was my addiction for quite a long time.

    I use a tie holder to hold my necklaces and it’s perfect. I’ll email you a pic if you want.

  5. @Shelly, the cabled purse is made with wool yarn, so I might felt it, but right now it’s looking so pretty I’m not sure I should. (I’ve never felted before.)

    And yes, send me pics of your tie holder/necklace holder! :)

  6. I love more than words can express that you guys have a cribbage champion plaque. Oh, my hell…classic. Also, per your suggestion I posted about the tattoos I’m glad I never got, so thanks for the suggestion!