Here! Enjoy some poorly drawn pictures!

My newish haircut has many layers I don’t remember requesting, so it closely resembles a mullet if I don’t spend time on it, much to my lazy chagrin. As a result, I’ve been trying to curl it more often. The first time I did, it was HORRIBLE. Just awful. I could not have looked worse if I tried. I had no idea what went wrong, so I resorted to watching online tutorials — on how to curl my hair. Now it looks great until my stupid, fine, limp, straight hair decides it’s too weak to hold a curl, so even if I leave home feeling and looking good, I always return home defeated and disheveled:


We have a queen-sized bed and lately it’s been feeling a little cramped. I’ve even been waking up with numb body parts (today I woke up, got out of bed and almost fell to the floor because my entire left leg was asleep). I think maybe it has a little something to do with this:


3 thoughts on “Here! Enjoy some poorly drawn pictures!

  1. OH! So I have a full size bed, and one of the smallest beds ever. SOMEHOW, this 8lb bed manages to push me so I’m kind of hanging on to the very edge of the bed as I sleep, and he has an entire full size bed for himself. I’ve tried moving him over, and I somehow always end up on the edge of the bed.

    I don’t get it. He’s EIGHT pounds, and yet somehow, manages to take over the whole bed. I totally need a bigger bed. :)

  2. Um…I meant to say I have a full size bed and one of the smallest DOGS ever. I apparently replaced the word “bed” for “dog” in that entire comment. My bad.

  3. My newly cut hair looks like a mullet too!
    There’s a long layer where I asked her to “keep the length” then a short layer where I wanted “wispy feathery that goes back in a flip”. Apparently that’s equal to mullet. I have to straighten it just so to get the layers to all blend together.

    I would like to see your favorite curl tutorial please as I suck at the curl.