I know some people hate it when others complain about the weather, but I really think you need to have experienced this year’s winter firsthand to understand the full range of despair and rage emanating from the state of Minnesota. Winter is just toying with us here. Fifty-degree weather followed by a week of below-freezing temps. Trying to fight rising floodwaters with frozen sandbags. I mean, 99.5% of us now watch the news just so we can telepathically swear at the meterologist. Even hardcore snowmobilers are done with winter, OK? That’s how exhausting and drawn-out this one has been.


This is the view of our front yard. On the left is how it looked on Tuesday after a week of nearly 50-degree temperatures. Is that green grass? Why yes, yes it is! The likes of which we haven’t seen since November. Of 2005, it feels like.

But wait! Not even 24 hours later, it looked like this. That’s about five inches of “annoyance snow,” the cutesy term the weathermen use when it snows just enough to mess with the commute (yesterday’s drive took me two hours and ten minutes) and force you to shovel. This “snow” was especially “annoying” because it had rained first, then turned to sleet, and then added another 3-4 inches of heavy snow. Whereas shoveling a normal, light snowfall feels like the equivalent of shoveling up 50 dry, fluffy towels, this snowfall felt more like shoveling up 50 sopping-wet towels. That had been encased in cement. And chained to the ground.


Here’s our backyard before the snow and after the shoveling. That snowpile behind the deck was once taller than my head. Please disregard our peeling deck. Before we could paint it, we had to replace our leaky gutters, which we did last summer. But now I’m wondering if we bother to repaint the deck at all since we’ll never see it again and have to shovel it EVERY FIVE MINUTES ANYWAY.

I think the thing that bothers me the most is that there was so much green grass, and now: Not So Much. It’s like we were SO CLOSE. Argh.

Forget that whole “March comes in like a lion, goes out like a lamb” nonsense.

14 thoughts on “Context

  1. Okay, so I’ll stop complaining. Like today, when a coworker observed that after this weekend’s projected high of 90 the temperature is expected to drop back into the, um, seventies. And then I said, “Enough already! I’m ready for consistent warm weather!”

    Now my central Texas self is ashamed, and also quite sure that I would freeze to death mere moments into a Minnesota winter. Holy God, woman. You are my HERO.

  2. I am amazed that so many endure MN winters but the spring/summer/fall are worth it, right?! Or that is what I told myself the nine years I lived in the UP of Michigan! Hope is melts quickly and warms back up!!!

  3. We got lots of snow on Wednesday too (20 cm). Homer was so happy – he said it covered up all the stuff he knows he’ll have to deal with all too soon (the pool, the lawn, the peeling paint on the shutters…)

  4. I think the new saying should officially be changed to “March is an asshole.” We only had a light dusting of snow this week in Ohio, but it was SO MEAN of March to go back to freezing after letting me take the kiddo to the (outside) playground the week before.

  5. I am feeling SO BAD for all of my friends/family in MN. It just doesn’t seem FAIR, after the winter you’ve had! And they are super worried about flooding in my mom’s city, too. Uff.

  6. Oh, I totally FEEL you. The last week we have had 75 degree temps, green grass, buttercups, and yard mowing. We woke up this morning to 34 degrees and a sleet/rain mix. Saturday it is supposed to be a hail storm. This is just not right for the South! Who is controlling this stuff anyway?

    Here’s hoping all of our weather makes up it’s damn mind.

  7. Seriously, I’ve hit the winter wall. Every time I go outside, I shake my fist. Literally. At the snow, at the ice, and at the city of Minneapolis who thinks it’s okay not to declare a snow emergency, thereby admitting defeat in clearing any snow off the side streets, making everyone’s commute fifty times more dangerous, and forcing me to become a raving maniac.

    This is my way of saying: preach it, sister.

  8. Wow…I bet you really hate hearing us Seattle people complain about our one or two days of snow a year. I officially feel bad for doing that now.

  9. Man, I live in upstate New York and this winter almost killed me. I can’t even IMAGINE what Minnesota would have done to me.

    Then again, as long as the yard is snow-covered, I don’t have to mow it, so there IS that. And the way things are going, I won’t be mowing until June. *sigh*

  10. I would be waaaay over snow if I lived up there. We are only getting 2 – 3 inches every now and then, and it is melting off within 24 hours.

    SO FAR.

    Hang in there!

  11. I *am* one of those who usually doesn’t like when others complain about winter . . . usually. Now I am going to start to complain *with* you, on your behalf.

    All I can say is summers in Minnesota must be pretty freaking spectacular.

    Good luck, soldier. Corragio.

  12. i am weeping for you. WEEPING. i thought we had it bad out here because it’s back to sub-freezing temps ALL LAST WEEK AND THIS WEEK after a glorious 4 days of 70 degrees, but flurries here > REAL SNOW OMFG. gah. you poor things.